Kozhikode, also known as Calicut – the “City of Spices”, once famous for its power and paradigm unfolds a banquet of mesmerism for those longing to enjoy the luxury of life. Vasco Da Gama – the great Portuguese explorer, who sailed all the way across the African sea to reach India – is said to be the first foreigner to have set his foot on the soil of Kozhikode. The Zamorins who ruled the city in the year 1498, and their preeminence was the factor that attracted him to the land of Malabar to explore its richness and beauty.

Kozhikode has always been booming with beauty and elegance, offering its inhabitants the luxury of a beautiful life. According to a recent research conducted on the best cities to live in India, Kozhikode has bagged the second place for the opulence of living, that it excels in. This is mainly because, Kozhikode offers a contemporary style of living, combining the culture and tradition followed by the ancient Zamorins, who ruled the land, along with urbanization that is inundating the city to meet the modern regime of life.

Commercially, the city has been witnessing a tremendous growth, and is found to contribute about 12% of the state’s annual income. The influence of Information Technology is another major equity that contributes to the city’s thriving. To people, who are craving for a sumptuous lifestyle, Kozhikode is all set to unveil the aesthetic vanity and morality of a luxurious lifestyle, which they have come across in their dreams.

The food – connoisseurs find it very difficult to refrain themselves from the mouth-watering delicacies of North Malabar which are well-known for its taste all over the state. People come from far & wide to suffice their unending crave for the Halwas, banana chips, biriyani and much more which form the delicacy specialties of Kozhikode. Once you set out to explore Kozhikode, you would be awestruck at the mesmerisms it holds in itself.

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