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general questions

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

Yes, this security deposit is for the non-routine maintenance, replacement, external and common area repainting etc.

What are all the waste management methods you are using?

Sewage treatment plant, incinerator & Garbodrain.

What is a condominium?

A condominium is a Single, individually-owned housing unit in a multi-unit building.

How are the condominiums priced?

Basic price of a condominium start from 5000 Rupees per square feet and there will be floor rise charging from 4th floor onwards at Rs.100/- per SqFt.

What are the amenities and how are they paid for?

We have common amenities like Infinity pool, Sky Gym, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room, Billiard Room & Kid’s Corner and all these are inclusive under purchase price.

What items are included and excluded in purchase price?

Purchase price inclusive of Unit cost, Car parking, statutory charges and maintenance deposit, taxes as applicable and exclusive of Registration cost.

Can I rent my condominium when absent?

Yes, we don’t have any objection for that as per the association guide line.

Can I bring a pet?

The Owners Corporation has resolved that it is not appropriate for an animal or pet to be housed within a lot or on the common property. However, pet can be accommodated if the resident can manage it without any nuisance and subject home owner’s association guideline.

Is basement parking available?

Yes, we have basement and ground car parking available here.

How many parking slots will I get for my condominium?

Reserved car parking is provided in the basement and ground floor for every apartment at an extra cost. Sufficient common parking is also available.

STP process in the project

STP- Sewage treatment plant, opted the SBR technology for treating the sewage and sullage.

Information regarding wind load of the building

Considered the normal wind load as per industries best structural specification.

Bank loan facilities?

In case if customer needs bank loan for purchasing the property, we can assist them for the same providing all required documents and also can get them connected to banks. We are already approved with various banks.

Rent for party hall after completion?

Free to use right now and home owners will decide on the cost of operation eventually.

Emergency evacuation system of helipad?

Helipad is not a requirement for the building, though we have already built one.

What are the facility management services you are providing?

We offer a wide range of services like Medical services, Centralized gas supply, taxi services, senior care etc.