Knowing when to invest money in real estate is very crucial as it defines the capital growth. Although, timing your real estate investment can be tricky and a daunting task, especially when you constantly hear this is the best time to invest in real estate. Losing money on properties is a frightening proposition as a lot of money is involved. If you are serious about real estate investment this is a great time to look around for properties and investment opportunities. Thanks to the favorable conditions in the Kerala real estate market. Rapid growth in the real estate sector is another major reason that makes the real estate investment proposition enticing.

Builders in Calicut are making conscious efforts to offer a good mix of commercial establishments, residential properties and high-end building projects. Easy availability of finances, favorable tax structures and fast economic growth make it easy for an investor to buy a property in Kerala now. Trivandrum, Kochi and Calicut have attracted a lot of investors lately and these cities continue to advance with promising real estate developments. When compared to other cities in India, the living costs and operational expenses are much lower in Kerala. Here are some reasons why this is a great time to make investments in real estate.

Low mortgage rates: Purchase prices, appreciation rates, mortgage expenses and taxes should be considered before making an investment. Right now, these financial conditions are favorable.

Residential Apartments are on the rise: Residential apartments are sprouting up in strategic locations in Kerala and people are widely accepting the concept of living in apartments. Also, the process of buying an apartment has become a lot easier than buying a property or individual house.

Great opportunities:  Capital appreciation and income generation are the two reasons why people make real estate investments. With so many real estate investment opportunities, you can make a wise and a better decision. You can choose to invest in land, individual house plot, commercial property or a residential one based on the returns you intend to make in the future.

Income generation potential and capital returns depends primarily on market condition, which is favorable at this point of time. At Superstone properties we understand the Calicut Real Estate conditions and thoughtfully plan our residential projects. With our promising residential project Rivera grand, the tallest in the city of Calicut, you will have one more reason why you should invest in a property, now.